Germany’s efficient and perfectionist personality is a reference to the German culture of cleanliness and tidiness.

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The whole America Russia condom thing was actually one of the plans the FBI had during the Cold War, to show the Russians that the Americans were more productive. It was a plan which was scrapped before they did it however.

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Prussia was technically a part of the Axis as well, actually shown spying with Germany once, rather than just being silly. Other than just plain Prussia, he could have been referred to as ‘East Germany’ or even ‘East Prussia’ as well.

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Even though America and Canada have different birthdays, it is heavily implied that they at least look like twins in the comic strip where baby America meets baby Canada, when America says something along the lines of, “You look like me!”. 

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America never really acknowledged Lithuania’s incorporation in the Soviet Union, and so recognized Lithuania’s independence even when Lithuania was not independent.

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Notes in the Special Edition Booklet in Volume 3 of Hetalia stated America originally intended to be smarter and more cocky, but evolved into a louder heroic-wannabe type of character. Himaruya also stated the previous personality would’ve been harder to use however.

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Cameroon’s first appearance was in a commemoration sketch for the FIFA 2010 Group E, which also included Netherlands, Japan, and Denmark.

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In one of Himaruya’s profile drawings, it was seen that Egypt has a small earring in his left ear.

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Sealand likes chocolate, browsing the internet and playing games, as shown from the ‘Desktop Mascots’ on the official blog.

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It was rumored that Denmark, along with Norway and Iceland as well, would appear in the first season of Hetalia. It turned out to be a hoax however, and he (As in just Denmark) appeared in the first season of Hetalia World Series instead.

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The volume 4 omake revealed that Norway’s curl represented the Fjords. Before this Himaruya had not said what the curl was, but said Norway was a whimsical character, therefore he had a floating curl.

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((Yes the Fjords)) 


Other than the main three Axis, and Romano, some other countries were in the Axis powers during WWII. Some of these countries include, Hungary, Romania, Finland, and Bulgaria, as well as Yugoslavia and other countries and puppet states without characters. 

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